A sampling of our work

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Front Porch Retro, Minneapolis, MN

We took a dilapidated porch that had years before been converted into a screen porch and returned it to it's original look and grandeur.




New Header over Door, Minneapolis, Mn

The original had mostly rotted out and been eaten by ants. We copied it exactly.



Attic gable vent, Minneapolis, MN

Cutting in this 24" round copper vent was no easy matter. Now it's up to the stucco folks to finish the job.



Tudor Trim, Minneapolis, MN

Original trim was nasty with ants and rot.



Bedroom re-do, Edina, MN

This customer wanted to remake her teenage son's bedroom so we added closets and a built-in bed with drawers.



8-Day Screen Porch, Minneapolis

Greta and I nailed out this sweet little (8x14) porch and entry door in 8 days, including light and fan.



Ipe Replacement for Concrete Steps, Minneapolis

Tired of the same concrete look my customer elected to try using iron wood (Ipe) a dark, concrete-hard wood.It looks even richer when stained.




A houseful of New Windows, Minneapolis

Dear clients of over 20 years decided it was time to replace all the windows in their house with new, efficient (and easy to clean) Marvins.Here it is prior to painting.



La Casa Mas Alta, Nicaragua

In a partnership with Stadthagen Construction in Nicaragua we are fulfilling a three year dream to build a "pod-style" home 360-ft. over the Pacific Ocean in a development named Rancho Santana.

o View from site


seismic footings


Pouring the columns. 13-1/2'walls!


View from across the valley. Cactus.



view from the guest room


Stairs going in. Driveway with new palms.


New Exterior French Doors, Edina

Doors were custom fit to match existing interior trim. The trim never had to be removed!



Revisiting the first deck I built in 1981

Yep, i built this deck 29 years ago and they called me because the deck boards needed a bit of work. The structure was still just fine but a few of the boards were needing replacement.




New project for NTT. This baby is in need of some serious TLC. Butchered by 100 years of neglect and some sad attempts at remodeling. We are adding all new windows, new floors, remodeling the bathrooms and kitchens and generally face lifting the inside and out.


newton ...newton

upper unit finished


lower unit finished


Walt at work

Great framing huh? Rot had taken all but 1" of the main 2x8




We discovered this stained glass window walled over



Tearing up and replacing the old nasty garage slab



Rotted wood in a Mpls tudor

The wood was literally falling away from the stucco. We tore it all down, replaced the little roof with copper, installed new cedar boards, a new round top window and it's all done but the stucco.



Window replacement, Minneapolis

Fourth floor of a beautiful Mt. Curve home with views over the Walker and downtown. Getting the windows up was a challenge but all six windows fit perfectly and enhanced the beauty and quality of the house.




The Askew Building, Minneapolis

The Askew Building has kept us busy for much of the last year. We found this "diamond in the rough" and after completely gutting it we remodeled it into a beautiful showcase office building. More pics at "Theaskewbuilding.com"


...askew hallway

studio 100. Interior art corridor.


break area


outside patio


Deck Addition, Minneapolis

In time for spring we added a little deck on the front of a beautiful home in Linden Hills.

murphey dec


murphey deck


Stair railing, Minnetonka, MN



New front stairs and buttresses, Minneapolis




Office remodel, Minneapolis

Complete re-do of old multi-office house.